Back in the dark ages of online history, when MySpace was the law of the land (and sea), very few could have predicted that social media would evolve into a social force that would require a full-time staff for a small business to manage. 
For businesses owners who would much rather focus on adding more products and services, and streamlining their operations to flow more efficiently, social media can almost feel like a nuisance that takes away from the important day-to-day tasks. 
However, whether you are annoyed or thrilled by it, Social Media Marketing, otherwise known as SMM or SMO (Social Media Optimization) is here to stay. In fact, it has launched out into the deep, set sail and caught the winds of success to literally overtake many forms of traditional and even digital marketing strategies in an astoundingly short amount of time. 
The reason it is so successful, is because it is personable and engaging, with an almost limitless reach, while allowing open communication between businesses and clients to interact in new and powerful way with the potential to go viral.  
So whether you are a start up or well established small business, it is the new critical “must have” included in your hybrid traditional and online marketing plan.  Case in point, let’s take a peek at some insider tips from the following house-hold-name brand companies who have embraced social media marketing, harnessing its power for good, all the while turning likes, shares and retweets into cold, hard cash.  
1         Denny's 
While you might not be personally following Denny's on social media, plenty of people are and for good reason. Instead of only pushing specials, they post whatever random tidbits they find weird and interesting. Their posts are totally entertaining and share worthy, which brings their brand to top of mind and keeps their customers laughing, sharing, retweeting and bringing in more business. 
2         Charmin 
Another unsuspecting brand winning the social media race is Charmin, who have cornered the bathroom market by being real about their product. Toilet paper isn't glamorous. It isn't even that interesting, but they have cleverly used humour to turn a boring product into a Twitter phenomenon simply by getting us all to admit that we are most likely posting from the bathroom stall.  
3         GoPro 
While GoPro may be a more naturally social media friendly brand, they have done a great job of capitalizing on their various profiles and encouraging customer participation. GoPro engages with users by asking them to post their favorite pictures and videos. Everyone loves to have their day in the limelight, so this social media marketing technique has definitely worked in GoPro’s favour!
These are only a handful of examples.  Trust us, the list of top brands using social media -- to optimize not only their online presence, but their bottom line -- is very long and growing!  If you are not yet using social media to market your business, let our expert team at Compass Crossing help you launch a dynamic social media marketing action plan now, before your competitor beats you to it! There are no hard and fast rules. In the end, creativity is what drives success. Take your tips from the most successful brands and have a little fun with social media, while increasing your marketing reach, brand awareness and profit!