Odds are pretty good that if you’ve got a website, that you hopefully also have a basic grasp of SEO (search engine optimization). However, because changes happen so rapidly in the digital marketing world these days, you should go back and check the following aspects of your SEO efforts once in a while -- think of it as looking at a map -- to make sure that you’re staying on the right course.  

1 Make Sure You’re Using Relevant Keywords 

Your keywords are like your compass -- they help you find the right leads, to convert into clients. Keywords that aren’t relevant are going to attract low-quality leads, and keywords that are too broad won't rank high on search engines. Extensive keyword research is an essential to ensure your business is set up for high quality lead generation. It’s also wise to check the keyword use of your competition to get an idea of where you stand. 

2 Make Sure Your Website Is Properly Optimized 

Think of your website as your ship. If it’s not properly optimized -- then it’s not properly equipped -- and it’s not going to get your business to where it needs to go. Be sure to have your website analyzed to ensure all pages and content are optimized using relevant keywords and powerful links. 

3 Make Sure Your Content Is Compelling 

If you website is your online business ship, then your content is the cargo of that ship. It doesn’t matter how amazing your keywords are or how well put together your website is, if your content is poor quality, it could potentially sink your ship. Your content has to be relevant to your target audience, and it has to be personable, informative and engaging to generate leads of the highest caliber. 

At Compass Crossing, we know that navigating the waters of organic SEO can be challenging.  That’s why we offer SEO audits using our state-of-the-art software, as well as expert analysis, so you can first determine your baseline.   

Then, depending on what your unique SEO needs happen to be, we provide customized solutions that are designed as a perfect fit for your business. It’s time to take the helm of your online ship and steer it into clear sailing waters, where you can spread your SEO net to catch the next lead!