If you're not careful, your content marketing compass will start running amok rather than orienting towards true north. That's because the rules of the inbound marketing lead generation game are continuously in flux, and successful business owners don't have time to keep up.
A poor performing website translates to diminished user experience (UX), which leads to decreased lead generation. In an era when lead generation happens largely through websites, optimized landing pages, blogs, and social media engagement, this is bad news. 
Above and beyond the need for a high performing SEO powered, mobile friendly website, businesses looking for inbound leads also need to have a content rich blog and interactive social media posting. 

Successful Lead Generation Requires Implementing Savvy Content Marketing Strategies 

If you're content marketing compass is headed due north: 

1    You have an optimized website. The majority of online searches take place on mobile gadgets now. If your site isn't attractive and navigable across the mobile device spectrum, you're missing out on valuable leads. Other important optimizations include a balance of graphics, videos, text and white space. It should be designed to take visitors from Point A, to Point C, to Qualified Lead with a minimal amount of clicks. 

2    SEO is Relevant. SEO is still in play, but the rules have changed. It's not about how many keywords or phrases you use, it's about how relevant, niche-worthy and topic-specific they are. Content rich blogging and keyword specific social media posting has emerged as top winners in the SEO race in generating new leads and keeping the critical lines of communication open with current clients and customers. 

3    It's focused on high-quality content. These days, the quality of your content is much more valuable than the quantity of keywords and phrases you use.  Delivering relevant information that your potential clients and customers are looking from you as an expert in your area of business is far more critical than flashy advertising. As Google says, "The amount of expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness (E-A-T) that a webpage/website/blog has is very important." 

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